Spectrum File (from database):

Select action to be performed on spectrum:

Plot spectrum:

Plots the reflectance as a function of wavelength.


Classify the spectrum according to different taxonomies like Bus-DeMeo, G13 and G9.
The results of this application consist in the first three classes that match the asteroid spectrum, together with some matching quantitative values (coefficients).
In addition, the asteroid spectrum is plotted together with standard spectra corresponding to the best matches.

Search matching with spectra from the Relab database:

Performs spectral comparison with spectra from Relab database.
This application provides the first 50 laboratory spectra that matched the spectrum (in order of the matching coefficient).

Band parameters and mineralogical analysis:

Computes the spectral parameters defined by Cloutis et al (1986).
If only the infrared part of the spectrum is given, the algorithm computes the band minima.
If the spectrum contains both V and NIR regions, all the parameters are calculated.